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Artist Gregory Kloehn makes sustainable homes for the homeless

Gregory Kloehn is a Californian artist who could be making expensive sculptures for rich people... but he has chosen a different path in life: he collects bits and pieces from the garbage in the streets of Los Angeles and builds creative shelters for the homeless.

He did sell his pieces of art to wealthy people until he realised those objects where sitting in their homes without having any true impact on those people’s lives. That is the day Gregory decided to do something more meaningful and, inspired by the recent eco-friendly homes movement, he started to build mini-homes by recycling objects found in the trash.

Gregory has got now a few homeless people who enjoy participating in this fascinating project, and together they keep making unique shelters, the size of a sofa. Their roofs are inclined, for the rain water to flow down, and they are equipped with wheels, so that their users can move them around easily.

A woman named Wonder lives in one of those small yet cozy homes; she claims this little refuge to be the best home she’s had in the last five years.

Gregory is writing a book where he explains different techniques to build those homes using objects typically found in the trash and he is also organising workshops on the subject. This is for many a life changing project.

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