A refrigerator that needs no electricity

MittiCool - The Village Fridge

The Indian man Mansukhbhai Prajapati has invented a fridge that runs without electricity: the MittiCool. It is made of clay and it works by storing water in a deposit located at the top and allowing it to drop down the sides. When this water evaporates from the clay surface, it absorbs the heat inside, reducing the temperature down to 8°C lower than temperature outside.

The MittiCool, also known as "The Village Fridge”, is perfect for places where people have no access to constant electricity and the weather is hot and dry, just like many rural areas in India. Besides, this refrigerator is much cheaper than an ordinary fridge.

This invention is great because it allows people to be less dependent on electricity and its manufacturing process and materials are much more respectful with the environment.

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