Sustainable lifestyle in an eco-village

La Ecovilla, an alternative to modern city life

As many of us are starting to get fed up with the inconveniences of modern cities, new alternatives are starting to show up. “La Ecovilla” offers an opportunity to live in harmony with nature; located in Costa Rica, this development is a paradise full of fruit trees, organic edible gardens, ponds inhabited by fish, a river, etc. It has been designed according to the principles of permaculture, enabling high quality food and water sources.

The village puts into practice some of the latest technology innovations, always basing on the ideas of respect and non-exploitation of natural resources, such as a sewage system that transforms waste into fuel and a community salty water swimming pool. It has a school where new pedagogical awareness drives education towards creative thinking, determination, sensitivity and cultivating children’s values.

La Ecovilla can be a solution for those seeking a sustainable, integrated and healthy lifestyle.

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