Solar roadways

Highway to the future

In an attempt to make our roads sustainable, intelligent and safer, Scott and Julie Brusaw have created a prototype for a modular paving system of hexagon shaped solar panels. They could be used for roads, highways, bicycle trails, parkings, etc. The usage of these roads in a country could generate enough clean renewable energy to keep homes and businesses provided.

After absorbing light during daytime they glow up to 10 hours so that they can highlight road marks for safe night driving. They could be programmed to display messages like “DRIVE SAFE” or even warn drivers about the presence of animals on the road a few metres ahead, protecting both animals and drivers. They also incorporate a snow and frost melting system, similar to the defrosting wires in the rear window of cars. These roads could even provide energy for electric vehicles to recharge at places like parkings or rest stops.

Some may argue these roadways would be too expensive to materialise and difficult to maintain, but it is definitely a great idea and maybe a starting point for creating new road systems. Take a look at this 15 minutes talk where Scott Brusaw tells more about the project:

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