Revolutionary invention to produce water from air

The WarkaWater Tower, modern alchemy to fight the water crisis in Africa

As hard to believe as it may be, millions of people across the globe are still experiencing a very limited access to drinking water. This water crisis affects locations like North India, vast regions of China and the Sub-Saharan Africa.

On a trip to Ethiopia, the Italian architect Arturo Vittori was disturbed by the shortage of potable water: he saw women walking during hours every day carrying heavy jugs of water, which in some cases was contaminated. He saw young children risk their health by drinking this water that had sometimes been exposed to human and animal waste.

Determined to find a solution to this situation, he designed the WarkaWater Tower: a 12 meter high structure that harvests potable water from the air. The towers are made of stalks of bamboo or cane woven together creating a vase-like shape. In the interior they contain a mesh made of nylon and polypropylene fibres, which are responsible for the condensation. The drops that form in this way travel down through this mesh into the base of the structure, where approximately up to 100 litres of clean water can be collected per day.

The WarkaWater Tower invention has begun to spawn interest in many countries and it could be the beginning of a better future, not only for Ethiopians, but also for other communities in the World.

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